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Virginia Bishop - Mermaid Collection 04

I want my jar of dirt!

Posted by little_mermaid on 2006.11.27 at 22:04
*Name: Coral
*Age (you must be at least 13): 19
*Location: Wales, UK
*Piratey phrase of choice (ex: savvy, mate?): Savvy, most certainly!

*Five positive adjectives to describe you: Feminine, passionate, outgoing, fun, and energizing.

*Five negative adjectives to describe you: Ambitious, stubborn, flirtacious, saucy, and emotional.

*If you could be a pirate, what would the name of your ship be and who would crew it? Or...would you not be a pirate at all? In that case - how would you feel/deal with piracy? WHY? I would name my ship The Siren, I think. What better a name when you're in a vocation which lures men to the murky depths with or without their consent? Very comely vessel, small but well-built, lots of eye-catching carvings. As for the crew? A rag-tag bunch of mates I'd sailed with before, if only for reliabilities sake.

*You find and open the Dead Man's Chest. What do you do with the heart of Davy Jones? Why? About time it fell back into a woman's hands! I would return it to it's rightful owner - on my own terms, of course. I don't know what those terms would be as I'm terrible with theoretics.

*Where is your home? (ex. Port Royal, the Black Pearl, the Isla De Muerta etc...) and why? Now since when did a pirate have a home? I prefer exploring the world to settling down.

* Congrats, you found the treasure you've been searching for. Now...what is it? What is it that you've searched for and longed for? Why? (Note: It can be either tangibe or intangible, meaning it can be gold or something abstract like freedom): Happiness. What in life is it that you really strive for but that? Wealth, prestige, adventure, romance? It all makes you one contented individual.

*Where would YOUR compass that doesn't point north point to? What is your deepest desire? Why? The point of deep desires is that they're usually so hidden you would require a compass to find them. In that vein, I couldn't possibly say, as I really don't know!

*Will Liz end up with Jack or Will? Norrington? Hey, STFU, I'm curious what other people think. Will. Jack's certainly seductive but he's not what I'd call the "ideal mate". Animal magnitism can only go so far: ask Scarlett and Giselle! As for Norrington? After having a taste of the wild side of life I hardly think she would set herself up with Norrington, the human corset. Will is a pleasant inbetween - inherently good and reliable, but a pirate. Perfect match!

*Decribe yourself in a word...I know it is tough, but try your best: Me! Now, that was much easier than I expected.

*Anything else? Arr.. avast?

*Post at least two CLEAR pictures of yourself, please. If you don't feel comfortable with this, or don't have any, please describe yourself physically as honestly as possible:

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