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I want my jar of dirt! *pouts*

Posted by _veneanar on 2007.03.04 at 13:56
*Name: Claire

*Age (you must be at least 13): 17

*Location: Singapore

*Piratey phrase of choice (ex: savvy, mate?): bugger :D

*Five positive adjectives to describe you: cheerful, optimistic, funny, caring, creative

*Five negative adjectives to describe you: stubborn, violent, lazy, procarastinator, hot-tempered

*If you could be a pirate, what would the name of your ship be and who would crew it? Or...would you not be a pirate at all? In that case - how would you feel/deal with piracy? WHY? 
The name of my ship would be some latin word.. and I think I'll be the First Mate or something. We can sail around the world in dearch of adventure and of course..treasure! :D

*You find and open the Dead Man's Chest. What do you do with the heart of Davy Jones? Why?
I'll use it for my own gain, after I got through so much trouble just to get it, might as well use it :D

*Where is your home? (ex. Port Royal, the Black Pearl, the Isla De Muerta etc...) and why? 
Port Royal, at least there is some semblence of order there.

* Congrats, you found the treasure you've been searching for. Now...what is it? What is it that you've searched for and longed for? Why? (Note: It can be either tangibe or intangible, meaning it can be gold or something abstract like freedom):
I would want true love and happiness, because I think those are what makes life worth living :D

*Where would YOUR compass that doesn't point north point to? What is your deepest desire? Why? 
*points to answer above* hopefully with my ture love, I would find happiness too!

*Will Liz end up with Jack or Will? Norrington? Hey, STFU, I'm curious what other people think. 
WILL! They are just meant to be together, and Norrington is mine!

*Decribe yourself in a word...I know it is tough, but try your best: scary - the boys in my class are scared of me because I whack them whenever they irritate me, which is very often.

*Anything else you'd like to share? nope!

*Post at least two CLEAR pictures of yourself, please. If you don't feel comfortable with this, or don't have any, please describe yourself physically as honestly as possible:

am the one in green..

i'm the one on the right, with the small eyes.. *_*


lil pink sharpies*
pinksharpiesies at 2007-06-21 22:09 (UTC) (Link)
Will Turner, I believe!
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