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Savvy Rate: Pirates of the Caribbean Stamping
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WELCOME TO SAVVY RATE!! A Pirates of the Caribbean Stamping Community!

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Stamping characters from BOTH Black Pearl and Dead Man's Chest o' course, mate!

The Rules are Simple:

1) You must be a member to post, to apply, and everything else that goes along with memberly duties, savvy?
2) You DO NOT have to be stamped in order to vote for others but...
3) ...please apply for a rate/stamp within three to five days of joining..don't just hang around and such, mate.
4) Please be kind, courteous etc...and try to stray from chatspeak as much as possible, THNKSMCH. :)
5) Please put "I want my jar of dirt" in the subject line of your app. so I know you've read the rules. I won't post it otherwise so PLEASE PLEASE REMEMBER TO DO SO.
6)Fill out application questions with more than single word answers when being asked, "why?" Try to answer as thoroughly as you feel is necessary to cover the question.
7) Post at least two clear pics of yourself with each app. If you honestly don't feel comfortable with this, please describe yourself a bit instead on the last question.
8) Your application will be stamped after seven votes or three days by the mod. (a.k.a. me). I give you my promise that I will commit to not letting everyone hang about for a long time with a million votes for a character after a million days. If I cannot commit to doing this anymore, I will turn it over to someone else, or close the community. I promise. I will be active, but I need your help with the voting of course so...
9) VOTE!!! after you've been stamped, please. I wish I could give you all Jack Sparrow in a box to thank you for voting after being stamped, but instead, you just get the fufillment of helping other people find who they're like in the POTC world. Aww. :)
10) Please post ALL applications behind an lj-cut. If you don't know how to do this, consult the livejournal FAQ
11) You MUST be at least 13 to join.


*Age (you must be at least 13):
*Piratey phrase of choice (ex: savvy, mate?):
*Five positive adjectives to describe you:
*Five negative adjectives to describe you:
*If you could be a pirate, what would the name of your ship be and who would crew it? Or...would you not be a pirate at all? In that case - how would you feel/deal with piracy? WHY?
*You find and open the Dead Man's Chest. What do you do with the heart of Davy Jones? Why?
*Where is your home? (ex. Port Royal, the Black Pearl, the Isla De Muerta etc...) and why?
* Congrats, you found the treasure you've been searching for. Now...what is it? What is it that you've searched for and longed for? Why? (Note: It can be either tangibe or intangible, meaning it can be gold or something abstract like freedom):
*Where would YOUR compass that doesn't point north point to? What is your deepest desire? Why?
*Will Liz end up with Jack or Will? Norrington? Hey, STFU, I'm curious what other people think.
*Decribe yourself in a word...I know it is tough, but try your best:
*Anything else you'd like to share?
*Post at least two CLEAR pictures of yourself, please. If you don't feel comfortable with this, or don't have any, please describe yourself physically as honestly as possible:

Stamps (actual STAMPED images coming soon!)
~ Captain Jack Sparrow
~Will Turner
~Elizabeth Swann
~Commodore James Norrnington
~Captain Barbossa
~Cutler Beckett
~Davy Jones
~Bootstrap "Bill" Turner
~Tia Dalma
~Governor Weatherby Swann
~Jack the Undead Monkey

Those stamps can be viewed here!

About the mod. Go...here!

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