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I Want My Jar of Dirt~

Posted by asako_michiru on 2007.04.26 at 19:05
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Name: Michiru~
Age (you must be at least 13): 17
Location: Unfortunately, still here, where I've grown up since birth and have hated nearly as long.
Piratey phrase of choice (ex: savvy, mate?): Not piratey, but "Dude, WTF" sums up how I feel about a lot of things.
Five positive adjectives to describe you: Intelligent, loyal, hard working/dedicated, mature, unique
Five negative adjectives to describe you: Moody, bossy, b*tchy, whiney, lazy;procrastinator
If you could be a pirate, what would the name of your ship be and who would crew it? Or...would you not be a pirate at all? In that case - how would you feel/deal with piracy? WHY? Well, I'm a girl, so I'd be ineligible to be a pirate. Assuming I could however, it would depend on how poor I was, I think; if I had no other means of making money, I'd do it. As for crew, I'd probably take good friends I knew were reliable and whom I could trust my life with, and I'd name the ship whatever I felt fit--Everything has it's own feel and personality, inanimate or not, and must be named accordingly. I'd probably not be one though, but as long as they weren't hurting me I wouldn't care if they were around or not.
You find and open the Dead Man's Chest. What do you do with the heart of Davy Jones? Why? Not sure really. More than likely, I'd have had Jones call off the Kraken-- and then stabbed it til he died.
Where is your home? (ex. Port Royal, the Black Pearl, the Isla De Muerta etc...) and why? TORTUGA!!! Probably Port Royal, because I could probably find work there. I like to sew, so I could totally make a living off of that. Though if I met Jack, I'd definitely be one of the girls who got starry-eyed for him--maybe even followed him if I were sick of paying taxes and bored with life.
Congrats, you found the treasure you've been searching for. Now...what is it? What is it that you've searched for and longed for? Why? (Note: It can be either tangibe or intangible, meaning it can be gold or something abstract like freedom): My treasure would be contentedness, because that would sum up everything that I'm looking for: Comfort economically (good job, enough money to be stable and not struggling), love (marriage and a family), success (enough to prove myself to everyone and be satisfied that I'd done so) and the ability to pursue the things that interest me, like travelling so that I can see different countries and experience different cultures and study their languages and beliefs. I love doing that. Once I had all of these things, or even just some, I'd be content--synonymous with happy for me.
Where would YOUR compass that doesn't point north point to? What is your deepest desire? Why? I don't really know, honestly. Maybe towards something that will help me protect the people I care about, like my friends and mother and grandmother; because I really care about protecting those I love more than anything. I feel useless if they're hurting and I can't help, because I care about so few people that well... I don't like seeing those I actually DO feel something for hurt.
Will Liz end up with Jack or Will? Norrington? Hey, STFU, I'm curious what other people think. Probably Will, just because I'd rather see her with Jack. I've always liked him more than Will (by far), and halfway through DMC I decided Jack/Liz= OTP.
And I still can't hear Norrington's name without wanting to throw darts at a picture of him.
Decribe yourself in a word...I know it is tough, but try your best: Unique
Anything else you'd like to share? Not particuliarly. Though I did just realize I'm wearing my DMC necklace my friend gave me for Christmas, not that anyone cares.
Post at least two CLEAR pictures of yourself, please. If you don't feel comfortable with this, or don't have any, please describe yourself physically as honestly as possible: Well, photobucket doesn't like me right now, so I'm 5'1", have waist-length brown hair (wavy/curly when I don't straighten it), overweight (not excruciatingly like "OMG LOOK IT'S GODZILLA" big, but enough), rosey cheeks, and green-blue eyes (they change depending on what color I'm wearing). And I wear lots of black. And some blue. And a little bit of purple.


lil pink sharpies*
pinksharpiesies at 2007-06-21 22:06 (UTC) (Link)
This was hard but I'm leaning towards Governor Swann :)
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